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 Thursday, December 6th

You Are The Gift! Christmas Kindness For Foster Children

Light up the life of a child in foster care for the 2018 "You Are The Gift" Christmas Kindness Drive.     Join me as I launch my life's work to cover the hearts and secure the worth of children in care. I love the work I do in real estate and motivational speaking but THIS is the most enduring legacy that I will have and the one that will matter the most.  What we are able to accomplish for these souls in the  foster care system or who have been displaced by circumstances far beyond their control. I am ONE of them so I know that the holidays are TOUGH on the heart and minds of displaced persons! Join me as we CLOSE THE GAP!   If you can't, won't or don't have time.. donate! I will do it!      




It's Friday, September 29, 2018 and I  just wrapped up my testimony to the Kansas Child Welfare System Task Force. As a foster care advocate, I speak on the failures of the system to adequately assist current & former children in care while providing recommendations for better outcomes in the future. Perhaps, my life in a foster home is a seed for a better day & life for those who are being removed from their birth families. Whatever the case, I am glad that I am overcoming everyday to be a light to foster & displaced individuals today.  

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