Catriese Johnson knows that each individual has a unique purpose, and she’s driven by a persistent, genuine desire to help others uncover theirs!  As an empowerment speaker and personal growth mentor, she dedicates her time to enlightening, enriching, and igniting the fire of discovery.  Rooted in the idea that we each possess a life-affirming purpose and have the power to unleash our own success, her simple yet bold message is one of determination: I AM THE ONE I AM WAITING FOR! There are no superheroes, only individuals willing to grow through their past circumstances and future hurdles to see their dreams manifest into reality.

This University of Missouri-Kansas City graduate understands the challenges and struggles many of her clients are facing because she’s personally endured many similar shifts. Overcoming her own seemingly insurmountable odds, Catriese empowers others with her story of determination, humor and indomitable spirit while challenging them to trust the process of pain as they move towards a wholesome healing.  Addressing a wide variety of audiences and individuals, she demonstrates how to transform trauma and hardship into personal growth.  Whether she’s impacting foster youth, foster care professionals and parents, or student groups, women’s groups, and churches, Catriese brings her characteristic energy and enthusiasm into every experience!

Catriese is a zealous advocate in reminding others of their power and to seek their purpose. She believes that you can make it despite the circumstances life has presented you.  She strives to empower each audience with the tools and information to help them to continue moving forward, even in the face of inordinate difficulties.

Catriese knows her unshakeable faith and hope in a better future was and continues to be her guiding light. Through her innovative approach, she helps her clients shake up the status quo and ignite an urgent desire for the exploration of purpose in each person she meets. She is a highly motivated positivity powerhouse and is ready to spread her message of endurance and triumph around the globe. She has been featured on radio and television.